About Us

We are a team of Computer Power users who love all things tech. Our vision is to make technology accessible to everyone and helping as many people as we can by providing how-to articles, tech advice and reviews in a manner that is simple to follow and understand.

Below are The Team members behind your favourite tech website

Adrian Lee.

Adrian is an E-commerce Specialist, Veteran Blogger, Programmer and Tech Guru, He is the co-founder of yourdailytechtips. Adrian loves all things tech, travelling and video games.

Mandisa Ndaba

Mandisa Ndaba is a seasoned blogger and photojournalist. I highlight positive change, building bridges, not walls, to understanding and supporting our youth, our communities, our need for equality and social justice across the world. My goal is always to dignify our common humanity, presenting stories simply and powerfully, with the voices of those we serve as an inspiration.


Veevy is a multilingual writer, reader, and certified nerd with a really wicked sense of humour. She boasts of a personal library of over 700 books that (ebooks that is) and frequently likes to drop mad bars from books/movies in her everyday speech.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading and when she’s hot doing both she’s changing the world one corner at a time