Administrative assistant

Job Summary


Purpose of the Position:

To provide expert advice, research and assistance on all protocol matters to both Diplomatic and National staff: plan, arrange, coordinate, and monitor accreditation issues, assist with Visa, Residential and Temporary Employment Permits submissions for approvals as well as renewals of diplomatic and local cards. Also responsible for confidential and time sensitive information.

To provide administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office. Supports technical officers through a variety of tasks related to planning, coordination, multitasking, teamwork, organization and communication.


Duties And Responsibilities


Protocol Assistant:

(a) Conduct regular briefings for staff members on requirements for accreditation of staff members and dependents

(b) Ensure collection and recording of passports and attaching all relevant documents

(c) Follow up with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (MoFA) on documents submitted for accreditation

(e) Assist with visa, Temporary Employment Permit (TEP), residential permits applications both online or offline through Immigration

(f) Connecting and networking externally through interaction with various external partners such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health and Child Care, UN agencies and other partners through collaborative and proactive relationship with counterparts and colleagues in those offices

Administrative Assistant:

(a) Monitor requests for goods and services, including receipt, payment and inventory requirements

(b) Follow-up on DFC and DI reports, uploading FACE reports in ECM and ensure issuance of certain Pos and closures

(c) Monitor project or programme activities by reviewing a variety of records, including progress reports, projects inputs, budgets and financial expenditure

(d) Draft general or administrative correspondence and finalize for signature and approval

(e) Ensure technical reports and documents are in line with WHO standards, rules, practices, and procedures, including editing prior for submission or clearance

(f) Using appropriate tracking tools, follow-up on and ensure that target dates and deadlines are met with correspondence queries responded to in a timely manner

(g) Perform other related duties as required by Supervisor

2.1.1. Technical Supervision: The administrative assistant will work under the direct supervision of the Incident Manager COVID-19 response.

Qualifications And Experience



Essential: Completion of secondary school education or equivalent.

Desirable: A Diploma in Secretarial Studies from a recognized institution



At least 5 years of relevant experience. emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction


Relevant experience in WHO or another UN agency an asset. Experience in Oracle-based or other ERP systems an asset

At least 6 years related experience on Protocol issues

3.3. Skills and competencies

a. Demonstrated knowledge and experience of office administration including basic procurement knowledge/skills for related tasks

b. Strong understanding and experience in asset, travel and accommodation management

c. Strong organizational and personal management skills, with ability to work in a team and under pressure

d. Good planning, writing, communication and interpersonal skills

e. Demonstrated ability to identify and manage difficult situations, by remaining calm and good humored even under pressure

f. Strong understanding, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of emergency situations, with the ability to conceptualize and implement innovative strategies and advocate their implementation;

g. Strong teamwork and communication skills

h. Knowledge of Microsoft Office software applications.



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