Cloud Services Account Manager

Job Summary


The incumbent will report to the Head Data Centre & Cloud Services and will develop and implement cloud services business strategy.


Duties And Responsibilities


Revenue Generation and Profitability
• Develops appropriate strategies for specific Industry sectors to maximize revenue generation
• Negotiates and prepare Service Level Agreements (SLA) for cloud services clients.
• Researches, analyses and recommends Prices to the Upper Tariff Commission
• Monitors and generates revenue trends of cloud services clients by analysing the corporate accounts.
• Reduces revenue leakages through accurate processing of new cloud services accounts
Key Accounts Relationship Management
• Establishes. develop and maintain positive relations with cloud services clients through client visits in order to gain strategic positioning.
• Recommends communication solutions and appropriate technologies to cloud services clients.

Ensures the smooth implementation and integration of cloud services clients solutions.

Effectively communicate with cloud services clients through client visits and client engagement
• Proactheely monitor cloud services clients’ needs and take preventative and corrective action to meet clients’ satisfaction.
Subscriber Base Growth
• Grows Cloud Services subscriber base as per set targets to ensure profitability and utilisation of the available capacity.
• Analyses Cloud Services usage trends In order to assess network capacity adequacy on a continuous basis.
• Recommends upgrades and/or replacement of Cloud Services network elements to Network Planning arising from identified network bottlenecks deficiencies on a continuous basis.
• Works with Projects teams in the installation and commissioning of new Cloud Services technologies/network elements to address clients’ needs on a continuous basis.
• Delivers on going market analysis and assessment of competitor and market intelligence with a focus on the future and value creation.
Management of Contracts
• Develops and negotiates contracts for cloud services clients.
• Identifies the legal framework within TelOne and also within the telecommunication Industry.
• Conducts strategic account review on regular basis, i.e. review service provision to ensure that ifs in line with the Service Level Agreement.
• Manages relationships according to contractual obligation between TelOne and cloud services Clients.
Process Development and Implementation
• Manages relations with stakeholders such as Government departments, community groups and Utilities to ensure support in resource provision on a continuous basis.
• Leads solution development efforts that best address Client’s needs whilst coordinating the involvement of Human Resources.
• Identify and recommend new products to network planning.
• Engages Internal stakeholders for fast tracking projects.
• Develops and Implements sales strategies for cloud services clients

Qualifications And Experience


• Degree in Marketing or Business Management
• Professional Sales or Marketing Qualification is an added advantage
• 3 years’ relevant experience.
• Strong business acumen. management and analytical skills.
• Good communication and Interpersonal skills with employees and stakeholders.
• Ability to translate insights into action.
• Ability to multi-task and manage multiple priorities.


How To Apply


Interested and Qualifying candidates to apply via email to by 18 March 2022