Job Summary


Applications are invited for the post of Developer in a reputable Organisation.
The Organization is an equal opportunity employer and therefore encourages all qualified candidates to apply.
2.0 Purpose Of The Job
We are looking for a Developer to join our organisation who has a solid foundation in working with servers and host configurations, performing database integrations, and creating dynamic data-driven systems.


Duties And Responsibilities


3.0 Responsibilities:
• Build, use. debug Cl/CD pipelines_
• Design, develop. code, test, debug. document and deploy custom applications (both front-end and back-end).
• Develop application program logic from customer-defined specifications.
• Understand business, technical, and program requirements.
Apply analytical, automation, and coding skills in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
• Develop ROM estimates for programming efforts.
• Prepare Lean design documentation, system flows for reference and reporting e.g. diagrams and specifications.
• Prepare Analyses of Alternatives (AoA Rots) when required.
• Use Cloud-based tool stacks (e.g. VSCode, Jira, Confluence, Git, Docker, KO’s, lstio, AWS…etc.) for development.
• Integrate software components and third-party programs.
4.0 Job Skills and Competencies:
• Writing well commented, clean, concise and maintainable codes.
• SQL Server database experience at developing clean code that is efficient, elegant, robust and maintainable.
• Ability to take a systematic approach to root cause customer problems and deliver innovative software that solves them.
• Team player able to contribute in agile meetings, perform code reviews, brainstorm hard problems and step in and contribute when a challenge needs all hands on deck.

Seeks to be involved in complex software development technical challenges and demonstrate leadership to mentor management, customers. and peers.
• Assist the project team to identify critical paths and dependencies between project activities.
• Should be a Full Stack Software Developer.

Qualifications And Experience


5.0 Qualifications and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or any related degree.
• At least 3 years of agile software development experience.
• Proven background working in DevSecOps software development environments with specific experience and knowledge in the following areas:
• Agile software development
• Microservices and Containers
• Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (Cl/CD)
• Zero Trust Models
• Service Mesh Architectures
• Specific tooling includes:
• Docker
• Containers
• Kubernetes
• Most be proficient in programming languages: Ca, .Net Core, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript (Angular, React, Redux, Vue, NodeJS etc.), ES6. SQL.
Must be efficient in database management for development, analysis and reporting purposes using different tools which include Power 01, Tableau and Crystal Reports.

Any related certifications will be highly valuable which includes Java EE and Web Services, Java SE, Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate, Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services Certification.
Knowledge in Android app development will be an added advantage.
Other Attributes:
• Must be hard-working and sharp.
• Must have a passion for software development.
• Must have a positive attitude and an intense desire to deliver value through rapid application development and cloud-native development, using leading-edge software factory tool stacks.
Must be able to work as part of a team. Interested candidates should submit four applications, accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae and certified


How To Apply


Interested candidates should submit four applications, accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of academic and professional qualifications by not later than 5 March 2022.
Please note only shortlisted candidates will be responded to.
Applications should be addressed to Managing Director, P.O Box CY293, Causeway, Harare