Audio engineer

Job Summary


We are looking for an audio engineer to record, mix, design and edit music and audio for our production
This position is responsible for enhancing audio with sound effects, music editing, fixing sound-related issues, working with producers creatives and editors and completing projects to specifications You should be able to offer creative input and make effective recommendations


Duties And Responsibilities


• Handle technical and creative aspects of producing TV shows, Radio Ads, Voiceover work, and podcasts, from initial recording to editing and mixing, to scoring and sound design, to final QC upload, and publish.
• Manipulating and enhancing recorded audio and adding sound effects to recordings.
• Providing solutions to creative needs for sound design and overall mix.
• Taking layers of audio and combining them during working sessions.
• Diagnosing and troubleshooting sound equipment.
• Understanding briefs and making helpful suggestions if possible and appropriate.
• Meeting with clients to determine the requirements and specifications of recordings or performances. design, and edit music and audio for our productions.

Qualifications And Experience


• Practical experience with recording, editing, and input and make effective recommendations, but also follow written and verbal instructions.
• Technical expertise in audio engineering techniques (e.g. equalisation)
• Experience with sound editing and recording equipment e.g. mixing consoles, microphones and equalizers,
• Working knowledge of Pro Tools is a must.
• Sound troubleshooting and diagnostic skills.
• A team player with excellent communication skills
• Ability to follow Instructions and remain professional under pressure.
• Creativity and attention to detail
• Ability to problem solve.


How To Apply


Send CVs to