Chief Executive Officer

Job Summary


REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
Overseeing the efficient and effective functioning of the company. Managing all departments within the company. The • incumbent reports to the Board of Directors. •


Duties And Responsibilities


• Overseeing the overall executive management of the company and its employees.
• Spearheading the development of the company’s strategy and its implementation.
• Providing clear, timely, and appropriate advice to the Board on the strategy, policy, and new initiatives for all areas of the company’s activity.
• Implementing sound financial practices and policies to minimize financial risk and loss to the company.
• Ensuring that decision making across all areas of the company is fully compliant with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.
• Developing and maintaining the governance framework.
• Ensure alignment of company programmes, policies and strategies with national policies, legislation and developmental programmes.
• Ensuring timely and accurate reporting to the Board to enable high quality decisions.
• Implementing Board resolutions as required.
• Regularly reviewing the organization and its administrative structure and making recommendations to the Board in the interests of efficiency and effectiveness.
• Allocating company resources to deliver activities in the most efficient and effective manner to achieve organizational goal

Qualifications And Experience


• Strong leadership.
• Strategic thinking.
• Good Communication abilities
• Negotiation skills.
• Analytical skills.
• Interpersonal and teamwork skills.

• Undergraduate degree in mining and/or any mining related fields.
• Possession of an MBA or comparable postgraduate degree in mining related field
• Qualifications in Leadership and management are an added advantage
• At least 5 years in a senior management role.
• Experience in dealing with various stakeholders such as government departments and parastatals, financial institutions among others.
• Demonstrated experience with investment partners and proven passion for nation building through investments in the mining sector.
• Must be a Zimbabwean citizen with private/public sector experience



How To Apply


CVs and application letters to be emailed to not later than 8 April 2022