Lead Field Marketer

Job Summary


Our organisation is looking for a lead field marketer who will champion the acquisition of sales leads from the market for our sales team. The individual must possess great leadership skills and be able to work with a big dynamic team.


Duties And Responsibilities


1. Oversee the day to day field activities of the team of field marketers to ensure all activities are properly coordinated.
2. Ensure leads are collected and accurately recorded.
3. Ensure lead generation targets are met.
4. Deployment of field marketers to strategic data collection points.
5. Ensure adequate staffing levels of the field marketing team.
6. Ensure the professional standards of the organisation are adhered to at all times by the team.

Qualifications And Experience


– Marketing diploma or any marketing certification.
– Must have traceable experience of the job of a minimum of 3years and above.


How To Apply


If interested apply and send your CV to outboundcareer@gmail.com by no later than 09 February 2022 with the subject clearly labelled Lead Field Marketer.